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Lessons from the pitch at Leicester Business Festival 2017

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Success in sport requires skill, a winning attitude and the right mind set, backed by a focussed, supportive team.  For sales success, your business also requires clear direction, a collective mindset and team targets that will help you create opportunities and deliver sales. In this FREE Leicester Business Festival 2017 workshop led by expert IBD East Midlands advisers, you will : – – Find out what a winning team looks like & what winners have in common – Understand…

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Business Bootcamp at Leicester Business Festival 2017

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Come along to a FREE fast-paced business workout session at Dock, Leicester, led by expert IBD East Midlands advisers and start getting your business into shape this autumn! You’ll look at four key areas in your business - sales, marketing, finance and people - and identify those weak spots stopping your business from growing. This event is aimed at existing businesses who want to accelerate growth. - Find out about the small business market place in the UK today - Understand...
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