Accredited IBD AdviserToday, ibd-uk is a nationally recognised body dedicated and committed to representing the interests of small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) and Start Ups.

We have the people and skill sets that your business needs with over 200 specialist business advisers working to improve the performance, profitability and sustainability of businesses across the UK.

ibd-uk provides business advice to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our ibd-uk business advisers are mature, experienced problem-solvers; they’re professional, focused on results and they can ‘hit the ground running’, to help identify and address critical business issues and deliver real and practical solutions.

All ibd-uk business advisers are fully trained to manage the specific business challenges that businesses encounter and are part of a comprehensive network of technical experts, mentors and trainers. Ibd advisers have the right knowledge, experience and expertise, and this gives you the peace of mind that ibd only provides advisers who can and will address concerns.

ibd-uk advisors can provide an agreed amount of hands on consultancy and advice, improving the skills of those running the business. We are hands-on implementers not report writers and have advisers that cover every aspect of your business:

  • Strategy and Business Planning
  • HR and People Development
  • Mental Health awareness training
  • Compliance and Accredited Management Systems
  • Sales
  • Marketing and Digital Technology Solutions
  • Market Research
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Finance and Credit Management

For more information, visit or call Accredited IBD adviser Helen Willson on 07860 552552 to find out how IBD could help you.