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Customers – Have you asked lately what’s important to them?

By 21st January 2013September 15th, 2019Blog

Sometimes you know what your customers think is important. They tell you. Or you haven’t asked them, you daren’t, or there’s simply, somehow, never the time, the breathing space or process set up to find out. And you may not be very comfortable with the idea of asking customers if you’re selling to them on a regular basis.

We recently helped a B2B sales force gain feedback from customers in a more structured way. We helped them get the language right, so questions were asked in a way that invited constructive feedback. We pulled together all the responses and helped them share what had been learnt to encourage discussion within the sales team.

The feedback revealed few surprises. But it did highlight longer term issues that needed to be addressed as well as the tactical things they can fix. And having the whole team engaging with customers’ concerns sparked off debate throughout the day and raised questions to be addressed.

If your marketing plan for 2013 is to be centred on your customers, it may be worth starting by asking them some questions.

Helen Willson

Helen Willson is a Marketing & PR Consultant and Business Adviser working with private & public sector organisations and businesses from SME's to large global corporates, across a range of different sectors and industries, supporting them to create successful strategies, raise their profile, attract new customers and win awards.