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Is 2014 going to be good or great?

By 14th January 2014Blog


Yep, it’s the start of a brand New Year and here we are, January’s half gone already. The most depressing day of the year – apparently 6 January – has passed by swiftly, so let’s get cracking.

What’s the difference between good and great you say?  Well, good’s OK if a little tame. Great carries much more promise.

Wondering where to start? Here are my top tips for getting organised this month.

Take a long hard look at 2013 and work out what went well and what’s still on your marketing hit list.


1. Remember the 7 Habits – begin with the end in mind.

What do want to do, change, achieve or measure? How can you connect in a more meaningful way with your customers or your supply chain or the media? Want to improve internal communications, start blogging, get more buy-in from your staff?


2. Define the goal

Then break those big, unwieldy goals into small, bite-size chunks and commit to some dates for activity. More effective to take several small steps which move one goal forward than having too big a challenge or a list of 50 goals which is so scary, you never find time to start work on any of them. And remembering the end in mind set a realistic target for yourself, or your team or it’s easy to let things drift.


3. Share the load

Doing a review and working on forward looking goals as a team gives you the chance to share ideas and work out who can realistically do what, by when. An away-day or in house session devoted to strategy will enable everyone to focus and agree key marketing goals. If you’re more of a lone ranger, hire a mentor who can support or guide you to keep focussed on your goals.

4. Regroup to review

Schedule a time to get back together in 30 days and review your progress.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Helen Willson

Helen Willson is a Marketing & PR Consultant and Business Adviser working with private & public sector organisations and businesses from SME's to large global corporates, across a range of different sectors and industries, supporting them to create successful strategies, raise their profile, attract new customers and win awards.