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Our strength is that we’re not simply a market research agency.

With many market research projects under our belt, we know effective market research stems from a deep understanding of how people feel and behave.

Finding out what your customers want is often easier than you think. Based in Leicestershire, we’ll help you get honest customer feedback that you can use as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Research data needs to be robust, reliable and timely but intelligent, perceptive interpretation is key. We use our expertise to deliver research findings which crucially inform decision-making about both communications and service delivery.

We offer an effective combination of research and communications expertise and through research, by involving staff and through benchmarking performance, help organisations to develop strategies for engaging more effectively with their target audiences.

We’ve designed and delivered many research projects and satisfaction surveys for public and private sector organisations, collecting useful data and information about audiences and exploring the views and attitudes of customers, prospective customers, members and non-organisation members, hospital patients and the general public in many market sectors.

We’ve worked on large research projects within public sector organisations such as NHS Trusts, with NHS Estates and the National Patient Safety Agency on a national basis, to research and monitor audiences and research complex communication issues involving different target groups and sometimes hard to reach audiences.

Using quantitative and qualitative survey methodologies we can gauge the effectiveness of communications and messaging and help businesses to measure performance and service delivery.

Our experience has shown that market research projects are most effective and give best value when the findings are prioritised, communicated clearly and support is given to help senior managers use results to develop action plans.