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Market Mapping and positioning

Customer relationship management

Product development strategy

Digital strategy and social media

Marketing Strategy. Sounds very grand and it’s often an over-used phrase.

The hardest part about developing any strategy is setting aside some quality time to think.

At Mezzo Consultancy we begin developing marketing strategies with you by looking at your internal strengths and weaknesses and by identifying what you think are any external opportunities and threats. The idea is to quickly develop a plan that plays to your strengths and makes the most of any opportunities.

See if you can answer these questions…

• What changes are taking place in our business environment?
• What do our customers think of us?
• In which areas are we strong – delivery, excellent customer service, creativity?
• In which areas are we weakest?
• What do we want to achieve this month, this week, this year?
• What are our customers buying from us and why?
• Which customers are the most profitable for us?
• What’s the best way of communicating with our customers and prospects?
• Who are our competitors?
• How can we promote our services and products more effectively?
• Do we know if our current marketing is effective?

Having answered these questions, we’ll work with you on the detailed marketing plan – setting out the specific actions that will put your marketing strategy to work.

Successful Marketing Strategy and Segmentation

Customers and prospects tend to fall into clusters or segments. So it’s important to make sure you understand what each group of customers or segment wants from you. A successful marketing strategy will always focus on the different needs of each customer group.

Developing a marketing plan of activity – or a marketing communications plan – will then follow. This is where we decide how your customers and prospects will get to know about the products or services you have to offer, and why your company can meet their specific needs.

Whether you need to improve your digital presence, try advertising, prepare for exhibitions or develop a PR campaign, Mezzo Consultancy can help you develop your strategy and make the most of your available marketing budget.