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We’re advocates of integrated marketing communications here at Mezzo.

And yet, having joined up thinking is often a challenge in a business team where there are competing demands for marketing resources and constantly shifting marketing priorities.

To get the most value, in financial terms, from your marketing budget and to be effective, marketing communications must be designed by starting with a focus on your customer and their purchase journey with you. Organisations must share their knowledge about their customer groups and their insight into target audiences and use it to design the marketing communications strategy.

Only then can decisions be made about execution and the appropriate marketing mix:

  • Which tools? – public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, advertising or sales promotion?
  • Which media? – where messages are conveyed – online and offline
  • What content? – what do you want to say?

For many, this represents a new marketing mindset and also a different skill set too.

Integrated marketing communications carry messages that are relevant to customers in a way they will actively welcome a connection with your organisation or business.