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When did the ‘press release’ become a ‘news release’?

By 23rd November 2013August 22nd, 2019Blog

To establish credibility and gain trust through thought leadership, organisations need to create news releases, articles, opinion pieces or features that deliver valuable information directly to buyers.

The traditional press release written only for the press as a way of getting your information or news published by the media no longer applies. Today, the term ‘press release’ has been replaced by a ‘news release’.

PR professionals focus on the media but they also focus on writing for potential buyers and existing customers who are using search engines and social media to find out what they need about companies, products and services.

The most important part is making your ‘news releases’ newsworthy. Writing about your new offices, a new website or a retained client is not news to potential buyers or existing customers. But important new research results, or launching a product or service that complies with the very latest industry standards would be considered newsworthy.

Publish newsworthy information on your website, make it shareable and promote it through social channels. Et voila! Your release has made the transformation from ‘press’ to ‘news’.

Helen Willson

Helen Willson is a Marketing & PR Consultant and Business Adviser working with private & public sector organisations and businesses from SME's to large global corporates, across a range of different sectors and industries, supporting them to create successful strategies, raise their profile, attract new customers and win awards.